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press pause


slow down before things speed up


About the collection

Each & every October that tiny nervous feeling starts creeping in…for retail shops it’s the start to our busiest season of the year. Did I buy enough? Did I buy too much? Are customers going to even like what I bought? Will we have a mild winter? Whenever these thoughts start racing through my head it’s best to remember to slow down & take the time to feel all the feels & then let them go. Heck, even I know I can’t control a Missouri winter! This month’s collection, Press Pause, features some of my favorite new items to help us all take a deep breath before the excitement of the fall & holiday season makes itself known to us. Oh, and be sure to stop by the shop October 18th from 6-9 & October 19th from 10-6 to meet our fabulous friend & extraordinary jewelry maker, Sharon Zimmerman! She’s visiting us all the way from San Francisco! -Liz


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