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December 1-31 featured collection:

*ONE BiG Wish*



Poppy Made by Hand




*One biG WiSH*


our best + brightest just for you


About the collection

Do you remember wishing upon a star when you were a child?  I do.  So many crisp winter nights were spent outside gazing at bright stars in the sky...and wishing, really wishing.  There was always the hope that if I magically picked the just the right twinkling star to wish upon then everything that I could ever dream of would come true.  Well, it looks like my years of wishing have paid off.  The shop is filled with beautiful things made by equally lovely people and my job is to share them with you.  That's some star!  I hope our latest collection, One Big Wish, fills you with wonder, magic, beauty and sincere delight.  Maybe you'll even find a little something to wish for.-Liz

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